Thursday, April 24th, 2014

12/07/2012 Tis the Season for Giving

For those of you who follow MSF closely, you know that last year was a wild ride, filled with peaks and valleys.  If you were among those who attended the launch of our new professional program, The Bare Bard Repertory Season, then you were with us at one of our highest points. If your child is a member of our youth company, The Riotous Youth, or you attended one of their performances, then you experienced their success with them as they conquered the fear of that “foreign language” and performed some of the best poetry in the English language with profound honesty.  And if you could have been on tour with our educational program, Shakespeare Alive!, then you would have felt the “Ah ha!” moment when thousands of middle school students across the state were presented with lively and enlightening performances and workshops. In contrast, many people across Maryland felt the low point when we were forced to cancel the Good Will Tour due to the lack of funding for several of our long-standing venues.

Every success starts with a failure and we used our down time in the summer as an opportunity to reflect on what we do and how we can do it better. We also rekindled our belief that everyone deserves wonderful and captivating Shakespeare and we renewed our committed to this with fervor.

Your support, and that of so many others, has made our work possible for last thirteen years. We depend on you now more than ever.  We are especially challenged by school budget cuts that threaten Shakespeare Alive!; struggling families need scholarship help so their children can take part in the Riotous Youth; and as municipalities and counties cut funding to the arts, we need assistance bringing free Shakespeare to parks and meadows across this great state.

As you plan your giving this holiday season, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our general funds which will help underwrite our work in a school, give a scholarship to a budding young performer, or create professional Shakespearean performances that so enrich life in Frederick and Maryland.

We wish you and yours the best for the holidays and coming year, and we thank you for your continued belief and encouragement.


John Bellomo
Artistic Director


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